Customer Support Training

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This is a work sample I designed and developed in a 3 day sprint. The goal is to help the customer support team understand uberPOOL so they can answer questions about how trips work.

The Plan

  • Day 1. Apply design thinking, research and discussion to arrive at an approach. Create a paper storyboard. Gather all assets for day two.
  • Day 2. Adobe XD prototype in preparation for Storyline development. Frequent testing and discussion. Create script for day three.
  • Day 3. Voice-over and development of final deliverable in Articulate Storyline. Proofreading, testing, adjustment and refinement.

The Theory

  • Design thinking
  • Michael Allen’s CCAF (context, challenge, activity, feedback)
  • Michael Allen’s Seven Simple Success Strategies
  • John Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation
  • Clark and Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

The Tools

  • Paper and pencil (storyboard, prototype one)
  • Adobe Illustrator (manipulate visual assets)
  • Adobe XD (prototype two)
  • Logic Pro X (voice-over)
  • Articulate Storyline (final deliverable)

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