This project tells the story of my background. It’s an online drumming course featuring a YouTube channel hosting 100+ videos accumulating 7 million views and 50,000 subscribers, and a website hosting hundreds of play-along audio tracks, digital sheet music, course guides, educational articles and discussion forums.

Before joining Amazon Web Services (AWS), I worked as an instructional designer at the University of Washington, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). This is the story of IHME’s flagship online learning content serving their external audience of journalists, policymakers, and scientific collaborators.

This is an Articulate Storyline work sample in the style of my work at SEPHORA in San Francisco. What actions does a customer take, and in what context? This interactive, animated short story guides customer support representatives through the customer experience so they can practice the skills needed to answer questions about how uberPOOL works.

This is a technically challenging Articulate Storyline work sample demonstrating high levels of interactivity and adaptive learning, where learners can launch a custom session based on their assessed performance. It’s an interactive notation reference, practice simulator and sight-reading performance analysis tool for drummers. Designed to improve learners’ note identification rate, direct traffic to lesson sales, cultivate customer retention, and build brand recognition.

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I have lots of samples offline I’m happy to share. If you’re looking for something in particular reach out and let me know! You can find web development samples here, data visualization samples here, and multimedia samples here. Thank you for visiting my portfolio!